Themis Sector, searching(slightly lost) - [for firstforged]

It's funny really, Rock couldn't help but think as he weaved through the crowd. I'm searching for a Blues to help search for Blues.

Looking at the situation in a humorous light kept him from worrying for the time being and concentrate on searching the news feeds for protests and other public outcries. If he'd found Blues at one, then going to the scenes of others - ongoing or not - there was a chance he find him there. That is, if he was even still in this world. But it was the closest thing he had to a lead.
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Themis Sector, Sourcenet sector overlay, roaming [open]

This is a very different place ...

When he'd decided to leave on yet another walkabout, Epialtês had been expecting to arrive back in that strange tangible world again.

But instead here he was in yet another universe -- and still in a network proper, no less -- but able to see and even communicate with the meat and metal inhabitants of the physical world. He almost felt the contact with some of them. And no familiar structures or entities to be sensed in the network ...

It was damned strange, and tempting, and Pyli would have raptures -- or fits -- if he knew. But Epialtês couldn't resist.

Translucent as a dream, he worked his way through the network and the people to see what he could see.
Astraea, the scavenger lord

Marconi Sector, moving from shop to facility to shop [open]

T'was the season for some creative reshuffling of assets, so it was; one of those things that Astraea hated to do, really and truly hated. But when the Gendarmes were sniffing around a little too close for comfort an enterprising fellow had to make the best of it.

And the best way, really, was to make someone an offer too good to refuse -- but for that, he needed that someone. Which was why he was making his way though the Sector's industrial-trade hubs, stopping to chat and offer and counter-offer and see what was in demand, and watching who looked interested in a touch of wheeling-and-dealing.

Why, all this necessity was almost enough to give an honest salvager the vapours. Such a shame the government didn't seem to see it the same way ...
Talon Black

Svartheim Arkoblock: Above Ground - [ Open ]

True daylight. Talon was beginning to wonder if he would ever get use to stepping out in it. He had been here for some time and still, everyday it seemed so new. Different, but not uncomfortable.

He had managed to get his feet settled in opening up a small pawn shop below the surface. A small and tucked away shop that he also used as his place of residence, this way his shop would always be open so long as he was at "home".

The time he had spent there, however, was boring. Honest living. It was time he started to dig into what he was good at. Weapon customization and special trading. How that all started, Talon couldn't remember. Too long ago. So on top of the fact that this world seemed so big and new to him still, Talon had no idea how to go about building up a new client base.

For now, he was wandering up on the surface and looking around for anyone who might appear to be a mercenary or "handy man" to catch his eye. He would also take the time to browse the message boards for any "interesting" postings. Want ads. Someone interested in specialty items, someone selling raw materials or unique items recently scavenged while exploring, or something out of the ordinary.
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Svartheim Arkobloc [open]

While his friends and family might not agree with Rock's return to the world that had held him captive - only slightly, he added in his mind - Rock wasn't going to let that stop him. Not when there was so much potential information to gather.

There was also the added fact that Roll had talked him into helping her distract Auto and Rock needed something shiny to send home that would hold the green bot's attention. So that was the main reason he was window shopping. Or it had been until he'd gotten distracted by all the tech.
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Metis Sector, outside of Ptolemaios Akademy [open]

The demonstration was in full swing now: students and freelance instructors fouling up local teleportational fields, blockading traffic, sending up holographs -- real and over Sourcenet -- with their protests and demands.

Full disclosure of Akademy research.
Fair treatment of students not directly invited to the Akademy.
The right of the staff and student body to work outside of the Domes.
The right of publishing their work uncensored.
The right to the truth.

And the list went on ...

Just within earshot, Blues perched on a low smooth-sculpted wall and smiled to himself as he watched the demonstration -- and wondered what law enforcement would do when they arrived.

It was just as easy to give events just a little push here as it was at home.
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Tesla Sector, near a major teleport node [for copy_shot, im_amplified]

Amongst the usual bustle and business of the industrial Sectors, a small caravan -- no more than three well-loaded skimmertrucks -- parked next to a major transport node was no unusual sight.

This caravan, however, was hardly destined for the simple delivery of cargo.

Leaning against the the streamlined, bulbous hood of the lead-most skimmertruck, Astraea checked over his manifests and holomaps in a HUD and waited patiently for the duo who had volunteered for this little jaunt.

He was perfectly prepared to offer more information -- once they were out of the public eye. And Aidoneus' ever-present reach.

Posted on various public nodes:

For Immediate Response and Interest:

Experienced salvage-reclamations expert is looking for companions and potential associates for an expedition in materiel and artefact retrieval.

Current projected target is the so-called "Temple of Darkness" on the outskirts of the continent's Old City.

Questions or queries-of-interest may be left on this node.


((ooc note: multiple people may respond to Astraea's post! the more the merrier --))
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Themis Sector, roaming [open]

This, this was the face of a perplexed Aile.

What had started out as a nice ordinary day was quickly taking a turn for the unusual. While heading back home from a stint of on-site training, he'd been approached by no less than three people who were newly arrived.

Am I just approachable, or are there so many new 'refugees'?

And not all of them seem able to leave again.

With this thought on his mind, Aile kept his attention half on where he was headed -- maneuvering his hoverunit deftly along the walkways -- and half on his fellow civilians, in case someone else came looking for help ...
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Edge of Durrell Sector [open]

Rock had meant to step through a portal, take a look around, then go back. That wasn't what happened. Instead he'd tumbled to the ground, where he'd decided to stay until the world stopped spinning. That had been nothing like his usual dimensional jumps and more like the Top Spin from heck.

But once up was up and down was down again, Rock let himself take in his surroundings. Thankfully he hadn't landed in the middle of a walkway or street, but on a patch of grass in a park of some kind. He pushed himself up, carefully checked himself over, and then started walking towards the closest sign of civilization. It would be nice to know where he was after an entrance like that.